Kyle. 21. Salt Lake, UT.
Anonymous: Are there any parts of your life you wish you could skip or go back and change?

Yes. But nothing I’d share publicly on the internet.

whereittakesu: What's utah??


Best place in the world.

queenxdingus: I don't think that anon quite grasps how disrespectful it is to change someone else's work and use it without your permission. Editing it disregards everything you did to physically take the picture. It's not flattering. It's thieving.

Yep! But I should really just “build a bridge and get over it” though, right?


sheisthewater: It upsets me that people don't understand how much of a violation it is to re-edit other people's pictures and to re-post them. Photography is just like any other expression of art. If someone re-posted a poem and claimed it as theirs, people would be understanding. But for some reason, no one really gets how personal photography is.

Thaaaaaaaaaank you for this. 

Anonymous: What's the best advice you could give someone? Or ever have given to someone.

I’m no one you should be getting advice from. And I don’t think I’ve ever given good advice. 

But here, I’ll give it a shot. It’s super cliche, but really, just treat others how you’d like to be treated. That’s all. 

Anonymous: build a bridge and get over it

Do you need some lessons on how to make friends?

Anonymous: What's your IG?

kylypso :)

Anonymous: Dude chill. At least they gave you credit. They probably didn't even know how to set the source differently

No. They edited my photos and that’s not okay to do without my permission. Putting text with a link to the source isn’t the same thing as sourcing the actual upload. And everyone with a damn tumblr knows how to source photos. You’re kind of an idiot if you think they aren’t intentionally setting themselves as the source for my photos.


MT. Moran by kylesipple☬

For real?? Why are people cropping my photos vertically?

Muir Beach, CA | by kylesipple☬

Alrighty… 1. Don’t set yourself as the source of my photo.2. Don’t crop my photos into vertical orientation to fit your blog.
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Small plane = big adventure

Her (2013)

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