Kyle. 21. Salt Lake, UT.
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Big Drop Romance {Isaac Gautschi}
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Feelin’ sleepy and lookin’ strange. Hi, new followers.

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Anonymous: Who is your favorite Disney character?

Meg from Hercules. She’s a babe and practically owned by Hades. That’s all I’ve ever wanted in a woman.

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Anonymous: Can I tell you how amazing it is that you have the ability to capture life's most precious moments on something tangible that you will have forever? It truly is unexplainable. You are so gifted. You are like a dream. It's amazing to see how remarkable human beings can be. Good for you.

Whoa. My goodness, I think this is the best compliment I’ve ever received. Thank you so much for going out of your way to tell me this.

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Anonymous: Can I buy you a million Almond Joy candy bars?

You may.

Anonymous: One day I wish to meet you and give you the biggest hug and tell you that you're the cutest and maybe take some rad photos together while being adventurous. :)

So much tumblr love this evening. I like it!

Anonymous: I love you and your photos you're like genuinely nice and kind and take great pictures and tbh I want to be able to o places like you do and take good pictures like you do you're kind of a role model dude keep being an awesome person

Whoa, thank you very much. This is really sweet, despite being the worst run on sentence I’ve ever encountered…

Hahaha but really, thank you. I love compliments like this.